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 Rules For The Webhack Community

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PostSubject: Rules For The Webhack Community   Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:29 am

1. No short, low quality posts like "bump", "lol", "roflmao", "thanks" and . !Flooding of the board with posts containing just thanks, thankz, thank you by the thread owner and similar is a 0% tolerance situation
2. Don't attempt to infect members with viruses or backdoors. Always post a virus scan to all downloads.
3. Don't pm to any member until and unless permitted by the member.
4. Advertising of sites is not allowed. Advertising includes signatures, PMs, profiles, and posts etc is prohibited .
5. Signature images can't be larger than 650x200 pixels and 500k size.
6. Never post personal information that isn't yours.
7. No adult images, adult links etc.
8. Search before posting a topic so that it isn't repeated.
9. Use English only , if you having any trouble use google translator.
10. Respect everyone on the forum and be friendly with evryone
11. No member may act in the forum as if they were a moderator. Leave the moderation up to the moderators/Admins team. If you have any problems/concerns/questions regarding the actions of someone from the moderators/Admins team please send a private message to that specific moderators/Admins.
12. Do not make any offensive userid. if found you can be banned
13. No user can post content related to sales or selling of any product.
14. Do not make a new thread for the same content.
15. Do not post or upload any file containing information of any other forum. It will be counted any ads and you could be banned for that.
16. Do not promise or commit any one abotu any post in the forum. You can only recemmond them, rest his admin discrimination.
Direct Links to companies like nokia, ngage, other phone manufacturers, online shops, applications developers, games developers etc and anywhere official are not allowed.
17. No fake promotion of the forum.
18. Do not harass anyone by sending unwanted PM's.
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Rules For The Webhack Community
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